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Why I am Who I am

When I think back to why I am who I am, I think back to my childhood and what memories have stuck in my mind. They often come up in certain situations as a reminder to never forget the people that love me, or the places that I love that influence my choices and the road to my future goals. I try my best to follow advice and recollect on the important things in life, like zipping up my coat or enjoying time with my family, making the best out of situations and thinking positively. I remember repetitive smells or touch that one day added to my mind and never left, that will always be a part of me, Now I am eighteen and in college, about to start a new chapter my life and compose new memories with new people. Thinking back now makes me wonder what it will be like to think back years from now to these moments that im making now, and how I will connect them all.
“Zip it up or don't go outside” my teacher would declare to me, because I still couldn't zip up my own coat without someone's help. “Could you please help me?” I asked, “Try zipping it up or don't go outside”, I remember her reciting it in a somewhat of a rude tone and it was announced in front of the class, usually in line before recess, which did not make me feel any better. The pressure of doing it in front of the class made me a bit frightened, I could feel their wide eyes on me which only made me more nervous. With my small fingers trembling

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