Who Are The Stakeholders?

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1. Who are the stakeholders? The stakeholders in the story are the people of Omelas who chose happiness over the suffering of one child and the child who suffers, locked up in a room with no access to proper care and sufficient food. Only a few of the townspeople get to socialize with the child but only to the extent that they gawk at his or her presence. 2. What are the ethical issues? The primary ethical dilemma of the story is quite obvious: whether it is right that the child be left to suffer and sacrifice for the benefit of the rest of society. In the story, so long as the child is suffering, the rest of people in the town can live happily. If the child was to be relieved from the suffering, the rest of the town would not be able to live a happy life. Therefore, the issue is whether it is right to let one suffer for the benefit of society as a whole Another issue is that all of the people in the town are aware of the child’s suffering and his or her presence and circumstance. Some of them chose to leave the town due to conscience and yet, they did nothing to remedy the child’s suffering. The rest, however, chose to stay in the town and disregard the fact that one of them is suffering. They chose to ignore the situation while others, unfortunately, even look at the child with disgust and felt no remorse whatsoever. (Klinger, 2015) 3. Who is the most unethical in the story (if anyone)? In context, everyone in society is unethical, be it the ones who chose to ignore

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