Who Get To Ride Shotgun Argument

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As a single mom the constant never ending argument in our house is who gets to ride “shotgun”. Every car ride is begun the primal grunt of a 9 and 12 year old to obtain the covet set, the length of the ride does not matter it is the seat that gains the rider ultimate status for the short or the long ride and the single mom a headache if perchance the grunts happen simultaneously and she is the must take on the challenge of being referee. On the surface you would think how this could possibly be an academic arguments, while I am sure that Ivy League Professors would never present a paper on who get to ride “shotgun”, I believe that to illustrate necessary elements that are required for creating an academic argument. It is sample enough to …show more content…

The first reason already stated, the second is she is older and therefore always remembers to call shotgun, third she is physically bigger and therefore the fear surrounding airbag injuries is less, 4th she is 12 and handles herself better in the front seat and is less distracting to the already nervous driver. The explanations is used to make explicit the connection that exist between your agreements claims and ground. In this argument I believe that the connection to my claim and ground is self-evident, the 12 year old is obviously older and more mature than the 9 years old this make her a better choice to sit in the front seat, her height, weight and age enable her to ride in the front seat safely without the risk of injury from the air bags. The next component of the argument is the qualification. Here is where I ask myself is this really the safest or best option. If I am being honest no, the safest would be that they both ride in the back seat however that argument has long since been dismissed as there are no laws explicit to Oregon that children have to ride in the back seat when they are out of car seats. However it is “suggested” that they ride in the back until they are 12 year old or they reach the 4’9” height requirement to ride in the

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