Who Is A Self As An Essential Part Of How Society?

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The child who is born, grow successively through the stages of childhood, and adolescence to reach adulthood and continues his path until his last breath. Throughout this process, the individual lives with people who in one way or another influence him. He operates in a variety of environments where his personality can impact positively or negatively and be impacted. At each stage of his life, he experimented different types of socialization that make forge his own personality. This is what Charles Cooley made clear through this passage: « A self is an essential part of how society makes us human. He said that our sense of self develops from interaction with others».
In fact, in our daily life we live in full socialization through our actions, our behavior. According to James M. Henslin “The socialization is the process by which people learn the characteristics of their group: the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, norms and actions thought appropriate for them”. Indeed, during childhood, we are so unconscious that the parents shoulder the most responsibility for ourselves and decide for us. In adolescence, we issue emotions that we learn to manage, we adopt a personality to discern the good from the bad.
Henslin in his book A Down-To-Earth book talks about some agents of socialization which is by definition « Individuals and groups that influence our orientations to life, our self-concept, emotion, attitudes, and behaviors». This is the family, neighborhood, religion,

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