Who Is Aunt Jennifer's Tigers?

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Aunt Jennifer is a married woman going through constant pain and suffering but she's stronger than she thinks, battling through a suffering marriage that she knows she can't get out of. With her chivalrous mentality, Aunt Jennifer mirrored herself into her own creation of dauntless, animated tigers. In “Aunt Jennifer's Tigers” by Adrienne Rich, it explains how Aunt
Jennifer is in a toxic marriage and the tigers she created symbolize pride, courage, and loyalty through her marriage and even after she's long gone. These tigers are not only for Aunt Jennifer but for the women in such bad societal times where they have no power to change anything. Being a ‘slave’ to her husband forced this wall up between her and men, the tigers “do not
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If it was a happy marriage, would Aunt Jennifer be focusing on making these surreal animated tigers? Maybe but the purpose behind it wouldn't add up because she wouldn't have to have courage, pride and loyalty prancing across a screen shining with topaz denizens to live on ‘forever’ as a symbol for her conditioned struggle through Brooks 3 marriage. Aunt Jennifer’s affliction didn't stop her from her goal of shining through the deep darkness of depression by creating those chivalric tigers. The author states, the tigers “do not fear the men beneath the tree,” that's another reason why Aunt Jennifer felt so connected to the tigers.
She was mastered by her husband and that gave her fear of men but I'm sure it would be the other way around if she was an actual tiger, theoretically. Creating the tigers was no easy goal for Aunt Jennifer. She found “even the ivory needle hard to pull,”[line 6] because of how anxious and shakened she was from such trauma. She knew her
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