Who Is Captain Charles Moore's Our Oceans Are Turning Into Plastic. Are We?

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In the story, “Our Oceans Are Turning into Plastic… Are We?” by Susan Casey, Captain Charles Moore experiences what can be described as a living nightmare. In the Northern Pacific subtropical gyre, known as the Eastern Garbage Patch, Captain Moore sees the piles and piles of used, bottles, nets, ropes, bath toys, jugs, and traps, all creating a layer of “plastic crap” above the ocean’s surface, staying completely still in a windless current less body of water. The experience of seeing what you care about be completely changed because of pollution or simple human neglect. Personally, I have an instance of this in the first house that I remember living in. What was once a house that had a lot of connections from not only me, but others in the…show more content…
What was once a beautiful but small lawn with grass is now a patch of dead grass with dirt exposing itself under the grass. What was once the creaky barn doors are completely destroyed, with broken glass on the ground on the outside, leading to the inside. What was once the living room where I had spent so much time watching television and playing games with my siblings, now has its carpet completely torn up, walls indented, and closet in complete shambles with light gleaming sharply through the holes of the closet from holes that were made by vandals who never knew the true value of the humble abode that I used to reside in. My old home, since being lived in by me and my family has since been abandoned by the family that we had entrusted the house to previously. Now the house just stays there, an eerie empty shell of what it used to be. A place where I was safe and happy, now a dark and scary place that no one deserves to live in, a place that humans have indeed used well, so well that there is nothing left of what it used to be. That image of the house was the last I saw it, back in 2010, It is possible now that the house had since been destroyed, with the memories that have been carved into the walls, fireplace, windows, closets, and bedrooms, are now nothing more but a blur of destroyed objects that will one day be removed, as people pass by the home that once was will never be able to see its clarity, but instead will only be able to see the blur of colors protruding from the exterior of the house, or perhaps the brown of the barn like doors, or the patches of green still rising from the dead grass that surrounds it, until eventually, it simply disappears completely invisible to the city that used it ever so
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