Who Is Harry Houdini

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Harry Houdini, is a character which I was for a longtime contemplating if I should include as character which has a hard time uttering specific words, yet the unusual fascination that Houdini has with mummification, and preserving of life, has planted a thought of the similarity between this magician and Gilgamesh in me. For further clarification, Houdini is an individual that in the chapter “Under the Pyramid” seems to be enticed by the unknown and death simply threw the way his words were said. For instance, as he explained, “all of these [ancient Egyptians] thought of was death and the dead. They conceived of a literal resurrection of the body which made them mummify it with desperate care, and preserve all the vital organs in canopic jars near the corpse”. (Lovecraft, 77) Adding on, in my perspective this …show more content…

Unfortunately, however, I was not able to find concrete, specific evidence which proved the reasoning to why Mr. Houdini, would not be confident enough to utter these words, other than it be society. As I have mentioned in my Gilgamesh post, often society criticizes those individuals who are not satisfied with their life, by exclaiming they are ungrateful as across the world, there are those who are suffering through more hardships, and yet are living any moment joyfully. Furthermore, I feel that humanity additionally looks down upon these people who are slightly pessimistic, rather than truly providing help and strengthening their bond with life. Therefore, with my perspective, I comprehend that Houdini cannot express his true feelings of life, and its mysteries, as he would be mocked, especially considering what a significant role he may play in society, as being a famous magician, heightening the level of status he feels the burden to

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