Who Is My Friend? Essay

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Every experience has a relative impact on our lives as humans. Experiences can contribute to the pure, simple, and complex emotions of joy, anticipation, courage, confusion, and love. Yet, for a particular experience to be “life-altering” it must have affected a person in a certain way that none-the-less changes their personality or the way that they may live. For me, this experience involved someone important, a totaled car, and a ventilator. He was my boyfriend, not at the time but in recent months, and even more so he was one of my best friends. I have known Bradley since I was in sixth grade. He is a family friend that I ended up spending every summer with alongside my cousins and we became very close through many of those years. We used to ride fourwheelers behind my cousins house, challenge each other in ping-pong and he used to come with my cousin to an annual convention for the Nomad Club. The real reason I met Bradley was through my second cousins who, unlike most, I was very close too. My second aunt and my grandmother are members of the Chevrolet Nomad Association that travels every year to a different state in the middle of July to reunite members and have an annual car show. The first trip that Brad got to go on was in the summer of 2009 to South Dakota and two years later we were dating. The relationship we had was what some refer to as “young love” because we were very young and very unknowledgeable about anything that “dating” incorporated. We loved each
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