Who Is Richard And Dwayne?

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Presenting Problem
There are a lot of current problems that the family experiences. These problems include integrating Frank into the families routine, getting Olive to California, getting the van fixed after it has broken, grandpa passing away, Richard trying to sell his business, Richard failing at his business, Dwayne heartbreakingly realizing he can’t fulfill his dream, getting Olive into the pageant and not letting her be disappointed in herself at the end of the pageant. The family needs help because there are a lot of extra stresses that are unexpected, which would be hard for any family to handle. I think with a little coaxing, all family members would be motivated to assist with resolutions. I think Richard and Dwayne would be
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Another example would be Edwin’s choreography for Olive’s talent part in the pageant. The norms of the situation, I believe, include both cooperation and competition (White et al., 2012). In the beginning of this movie, Richard’s life motto is that if you weren’t a winner, you were a loser. This affected Olive and made her discouraged for the pageant because she didn’t want to disappoint him if she didn’t win. Once Richard received the call that his business venture failed, the tables turned. The family started to cooperate and instead of his dad being gin conflict with Richard, he ended up telling his son how proud he was of at least trying and putting himself out there. The family’s strengths include determination and at least one family member showing support when least expected. I feel like the resource inequity is great in the Hoover family. White) I think Olive gets the most resources out of all the family members, being the youngest my contribute to this, everyone pat attention to Olive and her needs (except when the family forgets her at a gas station during the road trip). This leaves Dwayne with a lack of resources. According to White (2012), Sheryl being a women who tends to make less money, which leads to lack of resources with her. White (2012) also says how a negotiation outcome is more likely to favor the person with the greatest resources, which usually tends to be Olive. I think Olive has the greatest amount of resources because
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