Who Is The Best Way For You Grow Our Money More Than Our Other Investing Options?

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When I’m around 65 years old, I want to have the ability to quit working. I want, like almost all Americans want, to be able to retire. Well, the trouble with that is that I, and just about everyone else, probably won’t have enough money to be able to retire just from the saved income from our jobs and from social security. We’ll have to take the money we save from our earnings and try to make it grow. So the problem then lies in finding the best way to invest our savings so that it grows, like in this image, large enough, and crucially, safe enough, to be able to retire upon. I think, that the best way to grow our money large and safe enough is called an index fund. So today, I’m going to explain what index funds are, and why they’re better than our other investing options. Owning stocks in general is really pretty simple. In fact, it’s a lot like owning cows. You can spend all of your money on one cow that looks perfect, but then there’s a lot to worry about. For instance, you have to worry about that cow dying to disease or falling in a ravine or getting struck by lightening or getting lost. Or you can share an entire herd of cows with a few other investors. Think about how much safer you are! The likelihood of losing a whole herd to something is pretty small, and something really terrible would have to happen. How does that relate to stocks? Well individual stock picking is like owning one cow, while index funds are like owning the herd. And just like your cow could get

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