Who Is The Client? Essay

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The client is an eight-year old Latino female who has been diagnosed with ADHD, present the symptoms that meet a diagnosis of opposition defiant disorder, adjustment disorder with anxiety, and adjustment disorder with disturbance of emotions and conduct. The client suffers from depression, too. The client lives in foster homes with two other foster children, male and female, which are around the same age as the client. For the most part, the client gets along with the foster children, but struggles to get along with children at school. Also the client is known to talk back to her foster parents. At school the client hits, pulls, and trips other children. The client also starts fights while at the park. The foster mother would hopefully like to adopt the client if family reunification is to fail. However, the foster family is now having concerns as to how they would manager her aggression if they were to adopt the client. The client does have a therapist and a wraparound team for supports as well her biological aunt and foster family. The client’s biological mother is a drug addict and substance abuse user. The client’s mother had her at age 13 (the mother is known not show the client any affection or support). The client and her mother have a strange relationship. The biological mother can be inappropriate and rude to the client during visits (talks about how the client is overweight).
Mindfulness Training: MSWI is not aware if the client has been exposed to mindfulness

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