Who Is The Most Important Character Of Julius Caesar

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Who is the most important character of the play. Consider how the play would be different without them. In the Play “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare Cassius is the most important character and the play wouldn't be the same without him. Cassius shows himself important by releasing his mighty plan to Brutus is a swift way to convince him to join his coalition against Julius Caesar. This play would have no action at all if Cassius were not there to even make kill mighty Caesar. He then rallies the competitors to complete the deed for the good of Rome. Finally, the night before the mission he reassures all the conspirators that what they are doing is good and they can't go back now or they will let Rome down. Thus Saying, Cassius is the most important character in the play and would be much different without him.

Cassius proves hisself The most important character by kick-starting this whole extravaganza. To start this process Cassius tell Brutus “Like a
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Cassius advised the conspirators, one last time “friends, dispire yourselves; but remember what you have said and show yourselves true Romans. II i 223-225. Cassius informs the conspirators once again that what they are doing is for the greater good of Rome and will be true Romans by carrying out this deed. Not to mention the fact that yet again, he reinforced in everyone's brains that what they are doing is good and if we're not to repeatedly do this over and over again the conspirators might become doubtful. If he were not in the play, then there would be nobody to completely put this plan in place and provide reassurance throughout the whole play. As a final analysis, Cassius again shows himself the most important character by again reassuring the conspirators about how the mission is for the greater good of Rome , and without him there would be no plan at all to even kill Julius
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