Who Is The Same Old Thing Every Day?

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It was the same old thing every day. Wake up, get myself ready, get my kids ready, take them to school then off to work. Not that I hate my job but it’s not the best job. Being a waiter at a diner in 1984 doesn’t pay well and being a single mom doesn’t make it any better. Well I can’t complain too much because it all I got. “Mary!!!” screamed my boss Mr. Glen “get in here!!” I slowly crept into his office and shut the door. “Take a seat Mary” he said comely. “Yes?” I said nervously. “Well you being late every day is starting to effect business. “I’m sorry sir but I can’t help it I have no car, I have to walk my kids to school then walk to work”. “Well Mary it’s not my fault either but I’m going to have to let you go”. I could feel my face getting hot, I felt like I was going to cry. “But sir…” “No buts Mary here’s your last check.” I grabbed the light envelope out of his shaky hand and slowly walked away hoping Glen would change his mind. But he said nothing. I walked out on to the cold air and used $.15to buy a newspaper. I sat on the cold meatal bench looking for jobs in the newspaper, but all of the jobs were farther away than the diner. I could feel the tears rolling down my face asking myself, what am I going to do? How am I going to feed my kids? I know it was a stupid idea but I ran across this modeling contest and the winner gets 50,000! Am I beautiful enough? I asked myself. The auditions are May 15-20. And its April 13th so in about a month but how am I supposed
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