Who Is The Seclusion Of The Narrator Of The Yellow Wallpaper

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The story of The Yellow Wallpaper, Written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is comprised of several diary journal entries written in the first person by a woman who has been restricted to a room by her husband who is a physician. Her husband believes the woman is suffering from a temporary depression when really she is suffering from postpartum depression brought on by the recent birth of her child. The physician husband believes that resting her body and mind will cure her depression. During her time in confinement in the room, she contemplates what the room was once used as. “The paint and paper look as if a boys’ school had used it” (Perkins 65). The story written by Gilman illustrates a women’s battle with freedom and autonomy at the rise of feminism, as well as a contemplation of her own life and experiences. During this time period, mental illness was not largely understood. Women who were outspoken were quickly diagnosed with “hysteria” and the cure-all was bed rest and social isolation. During this time in isolation, women slowly go insane. Since this was a feminist story, the woman was thought to be delicate and subject to emotional outbursts. Throughout the story, the…show more content…
This approach not only fails miserably but also worsens the illness and represses the narrator. The doors and windows are to physically restrain the woman, “for the windows are barred for little children, and there are rings and things in the walls” (Perkins, 64) but she is trapped in her own mind without an escape which worsens the mental illness. At an attempt to find herself, the woman writes in her diary each day but has to hide it from her husband as he disagrees with her using her mind. As she writes and studies the wallpaper, she believes she is in the wallpaper. Her mind is entangled with the pattern and she pulls off strips to free herself from the
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