Essay about Who Needs Pets Anyway?

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There is a huge problem going on and I believe I have found a way to fix it. There are millions of pets in the United States and they are taking over. There are so many dogs and cats out on the streets looking for food that they are stealing from the animals which we use for our own food. However, there are still pets in the households and we are just wasting our money on them when we could be using it for going on vacations and entertainment purposes. Well instead of letting these animals take over I propose that we use them for our enjoyment until they die. This will help us in many ways; they won’t be stealing the food that our cattle need and we will be able to gain more food, we will be saving money because we won’t have to buy …show more content…

This is definitely a win-win situation. Just imagine not having all these vile cats and dogs around spreading diseases. But imagine the satisfaction you will have abusing these animals.
Abusing the cats and dogs is the next step we can do. We can make a game out of it. See how much it takes to finally kill the pets. Many people believe that animals have no souls, so obviously we shouldn’t have to take care of them. In people’s minds they are thinking, “Why should it matter if I drag a dog behind my truck just to see it wiggle around?” They won’t have to worry now because you will see everyone doing it. Just think about all the fun kids will be able to have as they are throwing the cats and dogs around the room. Kicking them like they are soccer balls and hitting them like they are golf balls. The kids will be having so much fun that they won’t ever want to stop. The plus side of abusing them you won’t even have to feed them because they are just going to die anyway. We can even let the animals go and make a chase out of it. This will only add to the thrill of finding the animal and shooting the target.
If we all follow what has been said then we will only have few animals left. This will work in our favor because then we will have gotten free food from it since there were millions of animals to begin with. We will also be getting more money which

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