Who Was Alexander The Great?

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Who was Alexander the Great? History has recorded that he was a man of many feats. Born in Macedonia he would later become an excellent solder, a great man and an intelligent politician. Many look to him as one of histories greatest leaders and greatest of men. Being the young man he was and the leader of a nation, it brought out a hunger for victory. Shown by his military tactics and the amount territory that he conquered. His wisdom and intelligent mind may have been due to the fact that his mentor was a Greek Philosopher by the name of Aristotle and the son of an iron fist ruler. Just who is this “Great” man?
Son of Philip II of Macedon he was set on a course to being a great leader. Sadly Philip II was murdered in the midst of his …show more content…

These teachings may have lead to him becoming humble in his youth. “According to legend, while still a prince in Greece, Alexander sought out the famed ascetic Diogenes the Cynic, who rejected social niceties and slept in a large clay jar. Alexander approached the thinker in a public plaza, asking Diogenes if there was anything he and his great riches could do for him. “Yes,” Diogenes replied, “stand aside; you’re blocking my sun.” Alexander was charmed by Diogenes’ refusal to be impressed, stating, ‘If I were not Alexander, I would be Diogenes.’ “
Aristotle is a famous Greek Philosopher best known for his thoughts on human pursuit of happiness and pleasure. For one to what would bring him pleasure. He was the protégé student of Plato in tern was a student of one of histories most famous philosophers Socrates. With this chain of education, one can clearly see what kind of education Alexander was getting. Back to one of Aristotle’s teaching of one to do what is pleasurable to himself. Alexander clearly took that to heart because with his ambition and determination he was hungry to expand the empire, and he clearly enjoyed conquering every nation that he did.
Before a man can lead an army to victory, he must know his men; and his men must trust him. Not only was Alexander was a man of his people but they sure did trust him. He believed he could do anything and take over any nation he wanted. “There is nothing impossible to him who will

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