Who Would Have Thought That I Will Be, One Day Moving,

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Who would have thought that I will be, one day moving, not from state to state, but moving to a different country in its entirety; certainly, not me. I would hear all the time that the United States was the land of endless opportunities and a place that someone could start fresh. For the first twenty-five years of my life all I’ve ever known was how it was like living in Mexico City, the Mexican culture. From day to day for most my life thus far all I known was everything revolved around Mexican culture if it was to the food, the people, the city or the being around my family. The way I was raised, we were taught that no matter what was going on that we would make sure that the family was okay and if my parents were struggling with any …show more content…

When people say that New York is the city that never sleeps, Mexico City is right there with it. As soon as I would see the stores around me closing I would see the vendors start to put their stands up for food and all sorts of items. The night changes the atmosphere completely, with lights shining everywhere from the cars to the vendors. I would hear people all around me talking about their day and how it went. Faintly I would hear car horns and cars pass by from all the traffic that there was in a big city like Mexico City. I would hear children playing and having the time of their lives. It would be refreshing to see them having so much fun, and not having a care in the world. The type of food that I had the chance to have has been the most memorable time I had. It is as authentic as it gets, nothing can compare to how different it can be. I can walk to the corner and get something and walk down a little more and could get a different thing entirely. There is so much verity within the city and the things I encountered as I would make my way to work. To make it to work I would have to take the bus to the center of the city, from where my parents and my siblings lived. Right when I would walk out of the house the first thing I would smell would be the flowers that my mom planted in front of the house. As I made my way to the bus stop I would pass the lady the makes food to sell and it is such a comfortable feeling, she has been there since as long as I can

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