Who is Leonard Bloomfield?

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In Cincinnati and Illinois, Bloomfield worked hard and intensively on his first book before he travelled to German. While he was in German between the year 1913 – 1914, his famous book An Introduction to the Study of Language was accepted for publication by Henry Holt of New York in 1913. Accordingly, Bloomfield's life in German was spent in two cities: Gottingen and Leipzig where he had a chance to correct some proofs in his book An Introduction. His famous great book was issued in 1914 in the United States, but it did not become that famousness outside the USA because of the outbreak conflict in 1914- 1918. Similarly, the Course of General Linguistics book published by Ferdinand de Saussure (1857 – 1913 ) initiated to influential only after the appearance of its second edition in 1922. Bloomfield's book An Introduction to the Study of Language in 1914 is considered as a remarkable and excellent work for a young man in his twentieth. He specialized his book to the study of the Algonquin languages, particularly to menomini, as his influential work Menomini Morphophonemic shows this. In addition, he included two chapters on language change, illustrated with examples from many languages. The book ended with a chapter on the relation of Linguistics to other sciences, a topic that would increasingly concern him. Bloomfield practiced in historical Indo-European, particularly Germanic and philology. Then, he turned to the study of Tagalog, a Malayo-Polynesian

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