Whole Foods Marketing Analysis

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Marketing 350 | Final Report | Whole Foods Marketing Analysis | | Julia Ilina | 4/30/2011 | Dr. Yu Chen Objective: Green Food Store Marketing Research | Whole Foods Market is the world’s leader in organic and natural produce, with more than 300 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. My marketing research paper is based on the Whole Foods chain in general and Whole Foods store located at 30 West Huron Street in Chicago IL. In order to understand this store’s business environment and marketing strategies, SWOT analysis should be conducted first. Strengths: Wide product and service portfolio: this store and the chain in general offers broad product selection including seafood, grocery, meat and…show more content…
Recession in the US economy: due to relatively high prices, consumers’ purchasing power may vary with the state of economy. Whole Foods as a company in general does not compete on low prices. It prices the products based on the value its customers have for the products. Whole Foods as a company was established in 1984. Given the fact that firm’s profit is high enough for it to stay in business, an objective now is to increase sales revenue which will in turn lead to increases in market share and profit. Currently Whole Foods is trying to expand its market share in Europe (London) and Canada. Another important objective of the company is social responsibility. Whole Foods recognizes its obligation to customers and society in general, so it sells organic and environmentally friendly products accompanied with high quality services. In terms of types of competitive market, Whole Foods can be described as monopolistic competition. There is some extent of price competition and much extent of advertising with the purpose to differentiate company’s products from other big and small retailers. Company’s overall pricing strategy can be described as above-market pricing. The store deliberately set premium prices for its products, especially when it comes to organically grown fruits and vegetables,

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