Whole Life Research Paper

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Throughout my whole life I felt a lot better about who I was and who I became. It was all because of four different areas that helped me build the person I am today. These area are my personal relationships, social environment, culture, and health. During my whole life these four areas help me accomplished and demonstrate that I had lived a great life till now. We thought we had too little or had nothing at all but in the end we had everything we wanted to overcome the obstacle of having a life well lived. My personal reflection on how I had a life well lived would be the time I spent with my family, friends, and community. My family taught me how to be kind and humble so I would not take everything for granted because everything that can will happen in life. On top of that, my friends who I still see and most of them who I used to talk to supported me throughout my whole life, because, no matter where we came from we will always have those who will push you forward and wanted to make me succeed so I can have a better future for myself. Also, the community where I came from showed me how I can use things to my advantage because my family and I did not…show more content…
To have a healthy lifestyle you would want to have control over your mental health. For example, even though I get stressed out due to pressured situation like tests or important projects which I could over come by having help from my peers and also think about it over and over without struggling on it. On top of that, being physically well-being, I can say I been physically active and lived a healthy diet to keep my body moving and prepared for difficult obstacles that have to come. Having access to healthcare is so important because you can never know what could happen to you. My family have always been accessed to healthcare so whenever we get sick or any injury we would have the help from healthcare to make our body better in any
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