Wholefoodsmarket's Core Values

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An established set of core values generally shows the consumer how the company aims to achieve its vision, and also what the company values besides profits. In the case of WFM, the company certainly likes to suggest that its core values do matter. First value on WFM’s list is “We Sell the Highest Quality Natural and Organic Products Available” (“Core Values”), where the company refers to its passion for food, and briefly how the go about making sure each product is up to the Whole Foods standard (“Core Values”). While WFM’s quality standards are only mentioned briefly amongst the company’s core values, has an entire subpage dedicated to the topic. However, in 2015, animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical …show more content…

Environmental Protection Agency) for failing to properly identify or handle hazardous waste at several of the company’s stores in the southern part of the United States. The investigation and its results (“EPA Offers”) accomplish more than suggest that Whole Food Markets was in fact, not partaking in particularly “Wise Environmental Practices”. Therefore, I am able to conclude that while WFM does not track the company’s core values, it does not necessarily defy any of the listed values to such extent that one could claim the list irrelevant to WFM’s business. Furthermore, the same magazine that featured WFM on its list over the best workplaces – Fortune Magazine –, also included WFM on its list over the most admired companies in the world. On this list, the company is ranked the highest in its industry, mainly due to being ranked the highest in four out of nine key reputation attributes that are all highly correlated with WFM’s core values: innovation; people management, social responsibility; and quality of products/services (“World’s Most”). Therefore, one can determine that WFM’s core values do play some part in the company’s

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