Who's To Blame For The Decolonization Of Africa?

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Ignorance is Detrimental
Often times, it is the individual that are the most unaware who are the quickest to speak ignorantly of essential topics. Nonetheless if a friend of mine spoke to me discussing that Africa needed to be recolonized I would immediately assume that he or she was simply uninformed on the large aspects of the history of Africa. Because otherwise, this friend of mine would be cognizant of the fact that colonization within Africa has had and continues to have detrimental affects on the the economic, political, and social facets amidst Africa, therefore this would require myself to educate my friend on what colonialism is, how it came about, and what it entails. This situation would also remind myself of how this ignorance of one’s history is what leads to individuals unknowingly perpetuating discriminatory and xenophobic ideals, thus also displaying how the affects on colonization of Africa are still very prevalent today. The colonization of Africa was not a single occurrence or individual event, rather there were multiple factors that occurred within the whole process. With that
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Moreover, if my friend told that the recolonization of Africa was necessary, I would tell him he is wrong because what we observe today is the result of neocolonialism. Therefore, although colonialism may be physically over, there are lasting negative effects including lack of self-sustainability because the European powers forced a horrible structured system within Africa that does not enable them the capacity to transfer skills, improve agricultural policies, or combat the violent internal conflicts expensive to African Communities. Therefore, Africa does not need to be recolonized but rather should have complete say, politically, socially, and economically, over what happens to the continent of
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