Why A Profession Of Dental Assisting? Essay

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Introduction Why a profession of dental assisting? Helping others is a good feeling. Helping people have the confidence to smile is a good feeling. Dental Assisting is also a awesome way to get into the health profession. There will always be jobs as a Dental Assistant because dentist need to have assistance. After becoming an assistant there is always the possibility of going to school to move up in the dental field. In Arizona there are many outcomes for dental assistance. There are test that can be taken to get certified, meaning better jobs, there are many employment settings, and good paying jobs. Dental Assistant Work A Dental assistant is the person the patient sees when they come and out. Dental assistants have a lot to do while working. They answer patients question and concerns, they make sure everything is ready for the dentist, set up the room for the next patient, take and develop x-rays, and laboratory work. To make the process easier for the dentist, the dental assistant has to go over the patients medical record with them and taking their blood pressure. Assisting the dentist during a variety of treatment procedures is also their job. There is a lot of work a dental assistant has to do, like even sterilizing instruments, and helping patients feel comfortable before, during, and after treatment. Every office a Dental Assistant works at will be different duties. What Places They work There are many places a Dental Assistant can work at. There

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