Why All Sales Tax Should Be Banned Forever

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Why should all sales tax be banned forever Everyone does shopping. It’s the way Americans live their daily life. It is from getting doughnuts at Quiktrip to buying an iPad. All these goods have to have a transaction in order for you to own it. Sales tax is an important part of this transaction. Everyday, people pay sales tax everyday for their purchases. Some states have high rates, and some states have low sales tax rates.
Sales tax is a tax imposed by the government at the point of sale on retail goods and services.(Investopedia Contributors) It is collected by the retailer and passed on to the state.(Investopedia Contributors) Every Time you swipe your credit card, according to your state’s law, a percentage of the total amount worth of the goods is paid to the government. Inside the City limits of Tulsa, the sales tax and use tax is 8.517%.(“sales tax in Tulsa”) But when you go to another state and shop, such as california, the standard statewide rate of 7.50%.(“California City $ County Sales $ Use Tax Rates”) But when you shop online, it’s a different case, whether to pay sales tax depends on the retailer’s location. The current default rule throughout the United States is that you must collect sales tax on Internet sales to customers in those states where your business has a “physical presence”. (Steingold)
From the point of shoppers, sales tax is annoying and should be repealed forever. Instead of just straight up removing the sales tax, the income tax should be

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