Why Are Soldiers So Weak

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People in today's society do not want to be looked at as weak especially by family members or friends. During the time within The Things They Carried it was not any different, men did not want to seem weak for trying to avoid war. When you receive a letter saying you have been drafted into the military there are only two choices: to either go and participate in the military or to move away to another country to avoid the war. Many family members or friends would see someone to be considered weak if they move away to avoid the war. Tim O’Brien carries a theme throughout the story that the soldiers are scared of being thought about as weak. The first example of someone having the fear of looking weak in this story was Tim O’Brien. One day he received a letter saying he has been drafted into the U.S Military. He is puzzled on what he should do, he is not interested in joining the military but knows if he moves away he will be looked at as a coward. Tim O’Brien was looking across the river to where if he went he would be free and not have to go to war, but he did not know what to do. He did not want to appear weak to his family and friends so he stayed and went to war. …show more content…

Curt Lemon is in need of the dentist to pull one of his teeth. Curt has a fear of being embarrassed in front of his squad. He is nervous to visit the dentist and you can tell by the psychology going on in his head. He is scared because in his earlier years he has had terrible experiences with the dentist. Once he enters the tent he faints due to his fear getting to him. To not be embarrassed he goes back later that night and demands that a tooth that has been causing pain is to be removed. The dentist removes the tooth at the demand of Curt, he overcomes his fear of the dentist during this chapter and becomes

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