Why Are They Too Good For The Word Marriage?

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Thirty and Still Single
In 1950’s, women were married at 20 and men at 23. Now it’s at is all time high, Women are walking down the isle at the age of 27 and 29 for men. Why? Well there are many reasons why. Are they not able to follow the old ways? Are they too good for the word marriage? Or are they too busy getting ready? Is it the smart thing to do or was the old ways the best way?
The first reason, being a gentlemen and having certain standard have become old fashion. Men and women have changed their mindset a lot over time. In the 50s winning the women’s heart and hand in marriage was a real prize. Bring flowers to her, taking her out on dates, and showing her manners was part of our culture. Now what is seen in more of lack of commitment, from fear or not wanting to be held down, and less effort to get the girl. This may be because women have lowered their standards as well and have let men get what they want with out a ring on their finger. No commitment usually leading to lack of loyalty, which in return brings people to not being able to trust. It becomes a cycle, leading the untrusting person to not commit. Some may fear to commit from their family history, they may have lived through a divorce or had one parent walk out. They do not want to end up in the same situation, so they may more cautious or run from it completely. In the old days, people would proudly show their partner to the world. But now people boost about sneaking off with someone else. In the 50’s

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