Why Attend Stanford University Essay

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Palm trees, warm weather, division one sports, and a rigorous academic program, there is nothing that sounds unappealing about Stanford University(SU). After I graduate St. Charles Preparatory School, I plan to attend Stanford University. It is located in Stanford between San Francisco and San Jose on the coast line of California. It is home to about 1,719 freshmen with about 24,797 applicants. Their large pool of applicants allows them to also have a diverse population on campus, which is very appealing to me as a minority. SU has seven schools: Business, Earth Science, Education, Engineering, Humanities and Science, Law, and Medicine. When I am in college, I plan to major in biochemistry. I enjoy Biology and Chemistry and I think it would be interesting to work in that field of science. With so many options anything you want to achieve is possible at Stanford University. Getting accepted is the first roadblock into achieving my goal, then comes financing. No doubt about it, attending college is a very expensive endeavor. Stanford University’s tuition is $47,940, not …show more content…

For example, I plan to apply for the Los Hermanos de Stanford high school Scholarship fund. This scholarship is open “to outstanding Latino students graduating from high school with plans to attend any 2-year or 4-year institution of higher learning” ( I also plan on applying to other types of scholarships like the Hispanic Scholarship Giveaway, which is a scholarship awarded to Latino students 18 years or older and live in the United States ( I also plan on applying to some scholarships here at St. Charles. The fact of the matter is that I will minimize my tuition cost, but I will not eradicate it. Therefore, I will have to ask my parents for some financial assistance. I will also need to request a loan from a bank in order to pay the remaining

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