Why I Want to Attend Western Oregon University Essay

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Western Oregon University Western Oregon is a standard 4-year, medium sized college. It is located in the small, rural town of Monmouth, but only 10 miles from an urban city. Being primarily residential, Western Oregon brings a certain family vibe, which they claim you cannot find anywhere else. Many students say that their favorite part of Western Oregon is the size, since it gave them more one-on-one time with their professors. There are a total of eighty-three majors. Before financial aid and any scholarship money are entered the tuition is $8,274 for in-state students, while out-of-state student’s tuition is $21,759. Western Oregon estimated total cost if you are living on campus is $21,838, if you are off campus the expected total …show more content…

Examples of the intramural sports they have are normal sports such as basketball, volleyball, softball, and even flag football; some sports that are not so average are billiards, walleyball, racquetball, and triathlons. This year at WOU they have a total of seventeen activities that you can take part in. These activities include campus ministries, literary magazines, and a television station. As you can imagine the activities provided at WOU bring in a lot of their students because it is a great opportunity to get experience for your future job! Western Oregon’s retention rate for part-time students is 36%, while their rate for full-time students is 72%. This statistic speaks loudly for the good environment, social community, and classroom environment! The safe environment of this small liberal arts college brings many students in to the college. The serious crime rate (per 1000 students per year) is 0.96, the drug or weapon incidents is 5.59, and as you could guess the highest rate is alcohol encounters at 13.12. Though these statistics might seem high they are actually very low compared to other colleges. The graduation rate for males is 33%, while the rate for females is 43%. The rate of getting a bachelor’s degree within four years is 16%, but the percentage goes all the way up to 34% after five years of studies. After studying the ups and downs about this college I found that there are

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