Why I Want to Attend Westmont College Essay

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Westmont College
Westmont College is a small, liberal arts college located in the beautiful Santa Barbara, California. The college only offers bachelor’s degrees. Westmont is a standard four year college. They are nondenominational and encourage their students to live out a Christian life. They supply Christian-based studies. An interesting fact is that 78% of financial needs are met! Serious crime (per 1000 students per year) is a shocking 17.06, drug or weapon incidents are 2.22, and alcohol encounters are 14.83. Santa Barbara is considered a fairly safe place so seeing these statistics is quite surprising! Admissions at Westmont are highly competitive! You must have four years of English, two years of a foreign language, three years of …show more content…

You can be awarded athletic scholarships as well as merit scholarships. You can be rewarded talent-based scholarships. You can get these scholarships by being good in athletics, art, dance, theatre, or music. For first year graduates they have special academic scholarships. There is the Dean’s that gives you $10,000, Provost’s that gives you $13,000, President’s that gives you $15,000, and the most special and competitive scholarship is the Monroe scholarship it pays your whole tuition. Westmont has large selection of majors totaling up to forty-five. They have a pre-nursing program and a pre-veterinary program, which I am interested in. I really like that Westmont has so many choices to get a degree in. The college is extremely small with 1,346 students, 337 of which are freshman. Since the school is so small the student to teacher ratio is 11:1. I really enjoy this statistic, since I find most my help comes from conversing with my teachers to learn about the subject more deeply. Having more one-on-one time with the professors’ means any terms that you do not understand you can go over them with your professor privately to get a better understanding! The small college does not lack in sports. They have twelve league sports and eleven club sports. Though they do not have intramural sports they make up for it in their abundant choices of

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