Why Chose Nursing

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Introduction In this assignment, I will reflect on why I chose Nursing as a career. When I think back, my interest in wanting to study nursing happened suddenly and the idea of it soon became more appealing to me over time. Nursing as a career eventually turned into something I truly longed for. In this essay, I will discuss the main reason I chose nursing as a career, my Grandma. I will also discuss other reasons such as, the experience I had during my PLC, feeling as if I had the right attributes to be a nurse and the knowing that nursing would be such a rewarding career. My Grandma My Grandma absolutely adored nurses. She looked up to them, really appreciated their work and thought of them as heroes. There was never a day my Grandma didn’t have a good word to say about them.…show more content…
I thought that studying general nursing was a good start as I learned that you experience all the branches of nursing and I was extremely interested in doing this. I am drawn to the thought Midwifery and Surgical Theatre Nursing and I knew I would get to experience both of these and find out if I actually wished to further my career with them. My PLC and work placement made me see what a rewarding career nursing is. A Rewarding Career Finally, another reason I chose to do nursing is that I heard about and eventually seen for myself that it is such a rewarding career. To be able to help people, make a difference in their lives and bring them hope and happiness is such a good feeling. This was something I wanted to feel. I wanted to have a rewarding career. With it being such a rewarding career I was surprised to know that there are shortages of nurses. Yet this shortage has led to an increase in people wanting to enter the nursing profession (Jirwe & Rudman, 2012). Which did influence me slightly as well, as I knew I would be a wanted member of staff and I could travel freely.
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