Why Conflict Is Northern Ireland Be Important Today?

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Why does conflict in Northern Ireland continue to be important today? Not since the 100 years’ war has a conflict had such a storied history; many people often try to determine a specific cause for the on-going violence in Northern Ireland today. However, there is a variety of catalysts; such as the atrocities of Bloody Sunday, the Good Friday Agreement and other events that have played a role in the hostilities that have scarred Irelands land and people. It is often argued that the beginning of hostilities in Ireland were as a result of the ‘Battle of the Boyne.’ In July 1690, James II was the King of England. However, his Catholicism was unpopular with his mainly protestant subjects in England as they feel that it threatened their heritage and religious values. In an act of mutiny, they replaced James as King with his son in law, William of Orange. Determined to regain his throne, James ventured to Ireland to gain support from the Catholic residents in Ireland. Initially, things went well for James as he conquered most of the protestant areas in Ireland. By the time he reached Londonderry the city fell with little resistance. However, at the last moment the Thirteen Apprentice Boys prohibited James access to the city. This delayed James in his attempt to gain support and granted William enough time to ready his troops, come to Ireland and Defeat James. It was the beginning of the struggles between both Catholics and Protestants. In celebration of

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