Why Did Alexander The Great Expand His Empire Following His Rise To Power

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Social Studies Summer Reading Assignment Directions: After reading Alexander the Great: Master of the Ancient World, please answer the following questions in complete sentences. Describe the steps that Alexander the Great and his mother took to ensure his rise to power. Alexander and his mother took many steps to ensure his power as king of Macedonia. One of the first steps he took was to have a great education. Secondly, Alexander may have gotten his father killed by his bodyguard. Lastly, the both of them killed off all potential successors to the throne, even Alexander’s baby boy, Caranus. 2. How did Alexander the Great expand his empire following his rise to power? Alexander the Great expanded his empire following his rise to power because …show more content…

If I was Alexander the Great I would have acted in a similar manner. I would have because you always treat others the way you want to be treated. 4. Alexander the Great adopted the cultures of the people he conquered. He did by becoming an example of one of the nations he conquered which was Persia. Alexander began to dress like a Persian king, instead of the simplistic Macedonian ruler, which angered many of his soldiers. He also urged his men to marry women from different cultures which also angered his soldiers. Alexander also spread the various cultures throughout his empire. He did this because he wanted to show respect to those he conquered. 5. Why did Alexander the Great decide to turn back after he conquered northern India? Do you agree with is decision? Explain why or why not. Alexander the Great decided to turn back after he conquered North Asia because his soldiers wanted to go back home and because his philosophers/advisors told him that that’s what the gods wanted him to do. I agree with this in favor of the solders. After 8 years of traveling and conquering countries one after another, he should have given them a

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