Why Did I Choose A Passage From Frankenstein?

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Why did I choose a passage from Frankenstein? It is a work which portrays a lot of themes, symbols, motifs and it is contextualized in a period with a lot of changes in the society. In this essay I will explore the many aspects of Frankenstein that influence in the society for its later staging of horror films.
Mary Shelley was a British novelist and she was best known for her novel Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus; this science-fiction novel was published in 1818 and it was set in 1789 in England. This novel contains serious and deep ideological consequences, in spite of Shelley’s young age at the time she wrote it. This is because it contains suppressed aspects of social, religious and metaphysical crisis in West history since French Revolution.
In relation to the context, the English Romanticism happens at the same time with a lot of important historic events. The fall of the Bastille in 1789 represented the hope sign of feudal privileges abolition. The scientific discoveries encourage this feeling of change considering that speculation about the possibility of human body could be improved, it caused instability in Classicism foundation. In Frankenstein, we see some examples about these changes; we can observe how Victor Frankenstein goes far from his home to study Sciences. In the socio-economic sphere it is important that the Industrial Revolution advances in England and becomes the first European power at the end of XIX century. What is most important is the…

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