Why Did The Soviet Union Collapse

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In December of nineteen ninety-one the Soviet Union collapsed. A few days before an eleven republics dropped out the Soviet Union. Those republics were Ukraine the Russian Federation Belarus Armenia Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova Turkmenistan Tajikistan and Uzbekistan met in the big city of Kazakh city the of Alma-Ata and they came over and announced that they would not be a part of The great Soviet Union. They put a commonwealth of the Independent States. The Baltic republics came up with their independent on independence from the Soviet Union only a small amount only fifteen republics Georgia remained. The once the Soviet Union had fallen big deal dealing with big numbers of radical reforms that the President of the Soviet …show more content…

With its fall tumbled down the idea of a divided Europe. When it had stood, the Berlin Wall had kept East Berliners from moving from the communist zone of the city to capitalist West Berlin. To those who watched events from the west, the Berlin Wall symbolized the restrictions of those living under a communist government. After World War Two, the Soviet Union imposed communist governments in many Eastern European countries. In addition, to keep western capitalism out of these places, the Soviets built a barrier between communist eastern countries and capitalist western ones. This barrier, which was ideological as well as physical, was termed the “iron curtain” by the west. The barrier between West and East Berlin was known as the “Berlin Wall”. Behind the “iron curtain” lay countries where the communist state ran the economies. Germany represented the divisiveness of an “iron curtain” as it was one country split into two states – a communist one and a capitalist one. This is one of the countries most crippled by World War Two found itself at the center of a stand-off between capitalist and communist forces after the war ended. In addition, the capital city of Berlin was divided down the middle, with half the citizens owing allegiance to capitalism and the other half to a communist regime. In 1961, East German communist forces erected the Berlin Wall to stop capitalist thoughts from spreading into the communist state. The Wall officially

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