Why Did the Industrial Revolution First Begin in England?

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Why was Britain the first country to industrialize? The industrial revolution, which occurred during the hundred years after 1780, was a true european revolution. It was in England that the industrial revolution first took hold.
This change, which occurred between 1750 and 1830, happened because conditions were perfect in Britain for the Industrial Revolution. Having used wood for heat instead of coal, Britain was left with large deposits of coal remaining to fuel the new ideas.
Any raw supplies Britain itself did not have could be provided by its many colonies.
These colonies also provided captive markets for the abundance of new goods provided by the industrial revolution.

Also, England 's economy had progressed further than that …show more content…

The Enlightenment not only meant a larger educated population but also more modern views on work. The population in Great Britain was ready to move out of the country and to the city to work. Britain also had the large middle class and flexible mercantile class necessary.
English society, unlike many others, was not opposed to "new money," and as such was eager to accept the new wealthy and their new ideas. The english

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