Why Do Athletes Get Paid Too Much

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Too Much Stephen Curry is paid about 11.37 million dollars a year. Are your parents paid that much money for doing their job? Probably not. So, why are athletes like Stephen Curry making millions of dollars a year for playing a sport? Athletes are paid way too high of a salary and it is unfair. The American population seems to value entertainment more than the people who provide, teach, and protect us. Is that really what we want America’s message to be? In general, most athletes are drafted into their sports team under the age of twenty seven and are not fully mature adults. These athletes are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and this is a problem because, as young people, spending money is a constant urge. Not all athletes are responsible, and being paid so much could result in spending money on things that are harmful and dangerous, like alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. As a matter of fact, according to, Olympic swimmer, and winner of twenty three gold medals, Michael Phelps, was caught using marijuana after a photo of him smoking was leaked …show more content…

Not many people can make continuous slam-dunks and touchdowns, “Athleticism is a gift, just like a sing voice, intelligence, or a sense of humor,” claims. Yet, many professions require a talent and hard work but the employees are paid millions of dollars less than professional athletes due to the fact that their profession is not televised or exaggerated into America’s favorite time-pass. If instead of televising a sports game, we televised our army battling other countries, certainly those soldiers who were televised would earn more money solely because of the exposure of their profession. Similarly, athletes are often injured, but if they are earning thousands of dollars per month, paying medical bills shouldn’t be nearly as much of a burden as it might be to a middle-class

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