Why Do Class Size Matter

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Class size matters. The size of your class can affect your education. It can affect your learning in many ways. I believe that smaller classes are better. I believe that smaller classes can be less stressful. Large classes can be nerve wrecking. Large classes can be very confusing at times. Do you believe that the size of a class matters? Having smaller classes are more affective in education because everyone learns differently and with smaller classes it’s easier to manage and take time to help those who needs extra help. Large classes are hard to keep up with everyone. Larger classes does save money but does it really benefit the students. Having smaller classes requires higher quality teachers to better instruct their class. Smaller classes …show more content…

Larger classes takes away the opportunity to work with each student in need of assistance to make their work more accurate. Having a smaller class requires students to be more engaged in their work. Students will be more helpful to their fellow classmates with a small class with a mixture of higher quality students. It has been proven in different states that class size plays a big role in a student’s education. Smaller classes are particularly effective at raising achievement levels of low-income and minors. Attending a small class increases the rate of attendance, Students get more individualization and achievement in a smaller class. A large class can cause a lot of chaos and if there is too much chaos and loud distractions in a learning environment the students would get stressed out. The amount of noise and this can also cause a lot of stress among teachers. When there is too many people around you it can cause you to become more distracted and you will be most likely lose focus. In a large classroom students often blend into the crowd in order to be noticed they have to either be brilliant or a trouble maker. Teachers who have less students can give each student more attention and one on one instruction. A student

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