Why Do I Want To College Essay

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Since the first time I received information from the University of Chicago in the fall of 2015, I have been intrigued and pulled towards the campus and its prized alumni. More recently, after a visit to the campus during the fall Open House, I find myself drawn to what this beautiful campus has to offer in all sectors of society, community, aid, diversity, and its many intellectual opportunities. My entire desire to attend the University of Chicago has been building from year to year into a greater driving force as I learn and see, first hand, more and more of what your school has to offer.
Others I knew began to receive college letters and information and I anxiously waited to see what I would receive. The University of Chicago was …show more content…

The beautiful neo-gothic buildings, the Mansueto Library, the Oriental Institute along with the picturesque Main Quad all amazed both of us. I took part in a model class for biology, a lifelong interest of mine, which gave me just a piece of what was to come during my college experience and I loved it. The opportunities you give your students to study abroad are fantastic and something I would definitely want to take part in. Our walking tour guide described the many clubs and student organizations available and the housing system in which the school functions. I really like how your students are grouped and supported. Coming from a small town to a large city both scares me at times and intrigues me. The opportunity to grow outside of my comfort zone is something that I look forward to experiencing and knowing that you have a support system in place for that is a big plus. The group excursions into the city and the national renowned scavenger hunt are just some of the unique opportunities that I look forward to participating in. With this strong community feeling, I now know that the University of Chicago is where I want to be for the next 4-5 years of my life.
I can thrive in the community your university has created, along with the academic rigor it will present me, and this is all I could ask for of a school. I am willing and ready to accept all the challenges that the

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