Why Do Many Students Not Advance?

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Only 65.9% of high school graduates continue on to college. (Floyd N.) Why do so many students not advance? Among the multitude of reasons there are for these individuals, the most popular reason seems to be because of the cost. A study done by the National School Boards Association 's (NSBA) Center for Public Education shows that 23% of the students who do not go to college are not going because of financial problems. “Low-income students face barriers to college success at every stage of the education pipeline, from elementary school through post-secondary education, sometimes in spite of their academic achievements,” a White House report stated. (Erin L.) So why, in a country that prides itself in promoting freedom and education, are …show more content…

It only puts students in huge debt after they leave. If government financially supported people in public colleges and made it free for students, then private colleges would thereby lower their costs in order to compete with the now-affordable choice. With more people getting the opportunity to go and not having to worry about financial instability or debt, it will help in creating a more educated future society. Since college graduates make more money in their jobs and are not as often unemployed, they do not delve into the public purse as frequently and they pay more taxes.
Although there are plenty of people that would greatly benefit from it if they did not have to pay for university tuition, there is the missing factor of the people that would take advantage of it. When people buy things for themselves, they tend to treat them more precious and valuable. When things are simply handed to them, sometimes they tend to take it for granted and do not treat it the same. So we must ask ourselves: What about the people that will go for the free college experience and then end up dropping out and wasting a portion of the government’s money that funded their time there? Compare it to the abundance of people that are taking it seriously by taking the opportunity and running with it, and it is worth it. If a student really does not take it seriously, then they probably will not

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