Why Do People Hate Tutu's People

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For that reason, Tutsi’s people were lived in another country; however they wanted to come back and live in Rwanda. At the meantime, President Juvenal Habyarimana began losing popularity and he tried to bring dissident Hutus back to his side. On the other hand, Hutu’s government knew that Tutsi’s people were back, hence they thought of Tutus were come back to take their power and use them as Tutsi’s slave. Tutsi’s people came back and they called themselves RPF (Rwandese Patriotic Front). Later, Hutu’s government started to spread fear of Tutus to their Hutu’s people to make them hate Tutu’s people more and more. Furthermore, Hutu’s people started to hate Tutsi’s people and had so much rage about Tutsi’s people, because of their government said bad things about Tutsi’s people. And they also started to kill Tutsi’s people little by little without RPF leader or Tutsi’s people know about it. Hutu’s government also made more plans to cause the problems and blamed on Tutsi for many reasons to make their people more hatred…show more content…
Hutu’s government started to spread again on the radio that the president Juvenal Habyarimana was killed by Tutsi, yet they told their people to get rid of Tutsi’s people. Hutus sat up roadblock and barricades, and then began slaughtering Tutsi and moderate Hutus with impunity. Moderate Hutus were Prime Minister Agthe Uwilingiyimana and her bodyguards were killed on April 7, 1994. Hutu started kill Tutsi more than before because of the media spread. The neighbors Tutsi was hiding and living with constant of fear with Hutu was around and wait to kill them all. The genocide started after that, and lots of people were suffered and got killed without any reasons. Even a child who related to Tutsi get killed. Hutu tried to massacre
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