Why Do People Take Away From Gilgamesh

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What should people take away from Gilgamesh? At the start of the epic, Gilgamesh was a man who was a ruthless and horrific ruler. He befriends his equal, Enkidu, who would eventually die for their acts against the gods. What I took away and what most should take way, is no matter how we start out lives, in the end it is about what our legacy will be. Gilgamesh definitely changed throughout the story and at the end as he talked descended to the afterlife and talked to his dead friend, Enkidu, they conversed about what does Gilgamesh see when he sees a man with children, “and his heart’s full of joys.” (Gilgamesh XII, Pg. 64) I felt as if Gilgamesh looked back on his life with regrets and wishes of having making different choices. We should

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