Why Do Souls Exist

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The Existence or Non-existence of Souls Souls are the main topic exploring the myths, the beliefs, and whether are not they truly exist. The world is filled with believers and non-believers and those that do not believe the question is how do they exist? Do they survive after death and if so how is this known? Using my sources, I will give enlightenment on all of these issues. This essay is not to discredit, stomp on, or crush others beliefs it is just to explore the “if’s”, “how’s”, and “why’s”. Souls are within the beholder if you believe that they exist, then that is your answer. This essay will explore the definition of “soul”, give enlightenment on whether or not “souls” exist, and do they survive after death.
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If the theory is true, then how can one believe that a soul can survive after the brain is no longer functioning? The spirit is a bundle of neurons in the brain, electricity, and no matter, so that means it cannot exist alone.
People want to believe that souls are not connected to the body, but rather that they hold their own form. That a soul has the ability to feel, see, and have emotions or that they are actually human emotions. But “In sharp contrast to popular opinion, the current scientific consensus rejects any notion of soul or spirit as separate from the activity of the brain” (Musolino). Francis Crick calls this The Astonishing Hypothesis.
Scientist and philosopher have explanations to if souls do exist and how and if it were true why is there certain damages to the body:
“…. If there was a soul, brain damage could not also damage our emotional feelings: but it does. Electrical stimulation of the causes actual desire to arise instantly. If memory, behavior, and emotions are all controlled by the physical brain, what is a soul for? Any free will it exerts is promptly overridden by biological chemistry….” …show more content…

If they do exist, then they take up no space and do not survive outside the body and generate from the brain stem. After all the research I cannot say for definitively that souls do or do not exist. What is known that is people are wanting and willing to believe that souls exist because it gives them comfort and hope about their own death.

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