Why Do Teachers Get Paid?

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A teacher taught their students' prodigious material all year and expected them to apply it all in one test. Some students did not perform on the test, and it resulted in the teacher receiving a lower salary than expected. When the topic of teachers getting paid by students’ test scores it bring countless topics to discuss. Teachers pay should not be based off their students standardized testing scores. Teaching does not have a high pay, although how time-consuming the job is. As the average pay that teachers receive across the U.S. is $56,310. Taking into account this salary, “people who go into teaching are not necessarily motivated by money” (Orlowski and Spooner). Although if teachers get the bonus from stellar testing, the real reason most want to teach is to connect with students and the future generation. They know that they are helping shape the future in the world. Also, this may take teacher's mind off important topics like, “working with the academically challenged” (Orlowski and Spooner). In every school, there are many students who struggle to keep up and need help. If teachers are spending most of their time to get phenomenal testing scores, these students could fall behind and not perform like they could. As I'm on the topic of not spending enough time on important topics,…show more content…
There is no way to find out faculty such as, “School counselors, librarians, art teachers, and special education teachers” (Orlowski and Spooner). There is no possible way to judge these teachers' salaries because they do not have teachers. Therefore, they do not hold tests to determine the pay. If merit pay is at work at a school, “fewer educators (will) want to work in these important positions” (Orlowski and Spooner). People wanting to work in these positions may back out because they do not know how they are going to get their pay. This leaves people who want to work in a job like this in a state of
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