Why Teachers Are Underpaid?

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Having just completed writing my paper, I was able to see where my strengths and weaknesses are. Having to write a paper on an argument, I struggled trying to come up with what to write about. Making a valid argument in academic writing is different than that of just making an argument. In a person’s academic argument, the writer should not only show his/her own beliefs, but they need to also show there opposing views. While this may seem easy, it can prove to be difficult because as a writer, they are not allowed to attack a person or group, or the essay can become invalid to the readers. Deciding to stick with writing my topics on teachers, I decided to write an essay on how they are underpaid. This topic not only explores why teachers are underpaid, but it also shows how teachers are viewed. After having written my paper, I had to revise my thesis every draft. This was not because I had a bad thesis, but because I could add things to it, take things out, and make the thesis really grab the reader’s attention. My thesis can relate to almost anyone. Everyone in the United States undergoes some type of formal education, and everyone knows how much work teachers put in. When I used the words overworked and overwhelmed in my thesis, it makes readers think. Readers know from being a former student how a teacher’s day is, and it can persuade them to think that teachers truly are underpaid. It can make them think about the “everyday life” that teachers go through (Mauk and Metz

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