Why Do They Vote At All?

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Considering the miniscule overall effect on the outcome of an election that an individual person’s vote has, why do they vote at all? Why do they engage in non - voting political activities in the process of an election (such as volunteering for a camp)?
Political culture has been a subject of political science largely because it deals with attitudes and behavioral patterns of the population. This culture determines the relationship of the citizens with the political system . Elections, in particular, have a strong impact on these behavioral patterns and political attitudes. This covers various aspects which deal with elections and voting. People are always engaged in voting because of the perceived benefits that are obtained from balloting (McDonald 107). This means that regardless of the effect created by the outcome of an election, it may a have substantial effect on a person’s life. Citizens always participate in voting, playing the role of political actors in the political system. In order to understand this, it is critical for any political system to include the participation of its citizen. . With such a link created through voting, it legitimately serves the political system to the extent of democracy and shape policies so that they accord with the popular wishes and interest (Green, 79). In most of the parliamentary democracies in the world, for instance the U.S., the simplest and most straightforward form of political participation is

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