Why Do We Have A Pro Animal Rights Essay

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Animals, we can either have them as a pet,food, or a testing subject. Now even though we can do that with them, is it right if we do? Animals, they are appropriate for testing because they are similar to humans in many ways.The fact that animals are close to us humans, it makes scientist have an advantage over trying to test out their medicine. Scientist do not have to struggle trying to find data on something else, they have the animals right there, they can use them. Now all this is true, but again, is it right? Just because animals can not speak up for themselves and say “No!” does not mean we can use them. Its cruel, and it’s just not right for them. Testing on Animals has its pro’s, and its con’s. The reason we need animal testing is 1.Test …show more content…

Because we can’t risk losing our people, our kind of species. 1.4 million animals are killed each year because of the way they are treated. It is a harsh way of collecting data. Animals should be free of the cruelty scientist expose to them because they have as much sentient as humans do. The animals have no rights, they have no voice to speak up. Imagine, we all have this unknown disease spreading around killing thousands and thousands. We all have no cure. But one day a scientist invented this medicine that may kill the bacteria in your body. What if the medicine was too strong and could damage some of our internal organs without ourselves knowing. The doctors would have to see if the medicine had an effect on the disease but ends up killing many others. We can't blame the doctors but instead shouldn't we blame those who banned animal testing? If they allowed animal testing to be done, many wouldn't have lost their lives. Wouldn't it be worse if we kill more humans than to test it on only 1 animal? Wouldn't it be better, to lose one animal instead of one of our own

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