Veterans Day Lessons Definition

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It wasn’t just another beautiful day in paradise. It was a day of thanking and giving honor to all the men and woman who serve our country. Residents and veterans gathered for the 14th annual Veterans Day Ceremonies held on Monday at Legacy Park. “Today, as you can tell, is quite possibly the event on the Malibu social calendar.” said Beth Neal, president of Malibu Chamber of Commerce who opened the ceremonies. The event was hosted by Pepperdine University, The City of Malibu, Wells Fargo, and the Malibu Chamber of Commerce. Captain Lawrence Vasquez served as the Master of Ceremonies and asked everyone to rise for the Presentation of Colors and for our National Anthem. Pastor Greg Hughes from Malibu Presbyterian Church …show more content…

troops who were killed in the SCUD Missile attacks. She said that chemical exposure was a big threat to her troops and some still suffer from symptoms of disorders resulting from chemical exposure. Despite the risks she says the U.S. Navy helped her accomplish great things. “There is no limit to what woman can accomplish in the service.” said Daniel. As Webster Elementary School children lined up to sing My County Tis of Thee, other children from Our lady of Malibu, Juan Cabrillo, and Point Dume schools waited patiently for their turn to honor the Veterans. Beverly Craveiro of Our lady of Malibu worked the crowds with her students. The children shook hands with the veterans and thanked them after they sang the song America’s Finest. After the performance, Master of Ceremonies Captain Vasquez joked, “If you are not pumped up now, you are in the wrong place!” “The students from Juan Cabrillo presented their peace flags in honor of the sacrifices that the men and women of the armed forces and veterans made for all of us. “We can sleep at night without worries knowing that tomorrow freedom and American values will still exist.” said Principle Dr. Herkner. The Peace Flags are wishes for world peace. Kevin and Kylie McNulty from Point Dume Elementary School recited poems to express gratitude to all who serve to protect our freedom. Award winning singer and songwriter Kathy Bee

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