Why Does Society Allow Groups Of People To Think That They

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Why does society allow groups of people to think that they are superior rather than equals? For hundreds and thousands of years, people have been fighting others for land and treated people wrongly because they feel entitled. Where does this sense of entitlement in humans come from? By examining the way blacks treated whites and how Andrew Carnegie treated his employees makes one wonder if they had a conscious. To have the ability to treat people so harshly, it makes one question everything. Andrew Carnegie may not have been a white supremacist; however, he treated his employees equally as awful as whites did to blacks during the 1800’s and the true blame for this was society as a whole. Specifically after the Civil War, there was a lot …show more content…

This was just another form of slavery. Blacks would get a plot of land and they could keep half of their earning if they had tools and seeds but only one third if they did not. White supremacists believed that blacks were inferior and were not true Americans. The Freedman’s Beaurue was part of President. Johnson’s Reconstruction policy. He believed that the wealthy white supremacists should run their own affairs. With white southerners now running the state governments there was no protection for black rights. The black codes that each state established stated that former slaves could not own guns. However, the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 contradicts black codes. It enraged the Freedman 's Bearueu, because former slaves could still not vote. The Fourteenth Amendment clearly states that former slaves are citizens. There are even 200,000 colored soldiers in the army, but “whose attachment to the State you have failed to secure by refusing them citizenship.” If you are a citizen of the United States of America, you should have the right to vote.

“One eighth of the population of the whole country without any political rights, while bestowing these rights on every immigrant who comes to these shores, perhaps from a despotism, under which he could never exercise the least political right, and had no means of forming

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