Why Don't Bystanders Help?

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Why Don’t Bystanders Help? Because of Ambiguity?

In every moment in everyday people somehow show up at the wrong place and the wrong time leading to trouble. When people become victims in a certain situation the most common and right thing to do is to help in any way that you can. Sometimes that may not always be the case. They are people that would just refuse to listen to the cry of a victim and would not help at all. Studies made by Russell D. Clark III and Lary E. Word performed a series of experiments to show why don’t bystanders help and was it because of uncertainty. In this particular research there was two experiments performed and investigated for the results of how a person reacts in the state of an emergency to help another; also to see whether the certainty or uncertainty takes place. The center question of this article is why do bystanders ignore the cry for help? This question matters because they are many case studies done and proves that they are some bystanders who are willing to help the victim in need and others just ignore the cry. One of the main findings done by the authors was that there were several researches done on this certain topic finding that certain people faces and emergency and it was more likely that an individual would help a victim in need if they were alone then in a crowd. The authors of this particular finding are Darley and Latane. The hypothesis that Latane and Darley’s made was that in a state of an emergencies are more

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