Why Forced Military Participation is a Violation of Rights Essay

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Defending one’s country is something brave and patriotic, but forcing the citizens to actually take arms isn’t something we really should be doing. People whoever they may be are free to choose to do something, anything they want denying them of this right is a violation to basic human rights. We could not bend the willpower of those who do not wish to partake in such an activity. Also consider all the people who are untrained and unskilled for such a task how are we suppose to train all those people at the same time. I disagree, we should never authorize such an insane policy because it’s a violation to a basic human right, we would waste a great deal of money and time, and we could potentially be killing off the weak, defenseless, and …show more content…

There are plenty people with shaky hands, also consider the mental preparation one has to go through so they can get over the fact that they are shooting at people, people just like you and me. How can you make someone that refuses to do anything of the sorts do something that cruel, someone who isn’t ready to face the reality that to win is to kill. Our youth wouldn’t be able to handle it, they’ll go ballistic they might even shoot each other out of confusion. We would have to pay so much money for injured soldiers and for mentally scarred patients, the consequences of this policy are incredibly shocking. I will beg again, please do not pass this policy. Furthermore, we know that there are some very talented people out there that can do ridiculous things, and are adept in their craft. Whenever we draft someone there is the probability that we are shipping off someone who can let’s say solve cancer, or create some new cutting-edge technology like teleporters. We are sending out innovative, intelligent, and imaginative people out there, they could of possibly been the next big icon that the world needed. We are also sending out people who are weak, they have some birth defect or illness that makes them utterly useless in a battle field, but maybe they excel somewhere like in a lab. As dark and twisted as it seems we are literally handing our future a gun and letting them die. There are actual people who

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